Resume Builder & Job Tracker

Posted: 3rd June 2020

We know how difficult it can be to write and format the perfect resume. We also know that it's not always easy to keep track of your applications when you are applying for multiple jobs across different job sites. We decided to fix that.

DirectlyApply is proud to offer a unique suite of job seeker tools that are the solution to two of the biggest challenges in job search. Not only will we help you create the resume you’ve always dreamed of, but we now also enable you to manage your applications with our unique job tracking tool, so all you need to do is focus on securing that dream role!

Resume Builder

Resumes, love them or hate them, they still remain an integral part of applying to a job. Unfortunately the bad news is that on average, hiring managers will spend less than 60 seconds reviewing yours, and even worse, that drops to 20 seconds if your resume isn't up to scratch. It’s therefore pretty clear that to secure your next role, you need to do all you can to make your resume stand out.

Our new resume builder allows you to create a beautiful resume based on your choice of professional templates which have been exclusively designed by recruitment professionals for DirectlyApply. Better still, if you already have a resume, simply upload it to DirectlyApply and we will ‘automagically’ convert it across to any template you choose. You can also update or change your template, as well as download your resume, as often and as much as you like.

Personalised Job Matches

Once you have the perfect resume, DirectlyApply’s custom job results are able to learn which roles you like best, based on dozens of factors such as job title, company type, commute time and industry preference. Think of us as your own personal recruiter, going out there to find jobs that we feel are a perfect fit for you!

Job Tracker

But that's not all, we understand that keeping track of job applications across a variety of job sites can quickly become difficult to manage. So we decided to create a job tracker to perfectly manage your job search across multiple platforms.

DirectlyApply’s job tracker is integrated with all the major job sites, including Linkedin, Indeed, Glassdoor etc and adding a job from one of these sites is as simple as copying and pasting the job link. From there, you can now drag all your job applications to their various stages, add your notes and even rate the jobs based on your personal experience.

All these tools, plus more are now available to everyone, completely free. Our mission is to help you discover and apply to amazing jobs, so create your account today!